Indian Motorcycle 13.7" Flare Windshield, Tinted | 2880222-02


SKU: 2880222-02

Be prepared for the road ahead with an extra dash of style in a high-profile area of the motorcycle. It deflects airflow out and around the rider, and the “flip” edge at the center top promotes wind deflection over the rider to provide optimal comfort.

  • One 13.7-inch Flare™ Windshield, tinted
  • Extended design of windshield provides additional wind protection
  • Windshield extends out near the top to effectively deflect wind around the riders
  • Windshield also features tipped top edge to direct airflow up and over riders
  • Windshield also helps protect riders from inclement weather such as rain
  • 13.7-inch height provides outstanding protection and lets most riders look over top of windshield
  • Tinted windshield provides excellent visibility of the road and custom style
Installation Recommendation
Installs in place of stock windshield

Please text us to verify fitment to your vehicle before ordering.