Indian Motorcycle Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight | 2889459-266

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Indian Motorcycle Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight | 2889459-266

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SKU: 2889459-266

SKU: 2889459-266

This Adaptive Headlight features patented, cutting-edge technology that monitors the bike’s lean angle on a real-time basis and delivers optimized illumination of the road ahead – whether the bike is upright and traveling in a straight line or leaned over to carve a turn. The headlight features 15 individual beams that are activated as needed based on the bike’s vertical attitude. This results in superior usable illumination of the road where the bike is headed, minimized light cast off the road on the outside of a curve, and a reduced “hot spot” of potentially distracting bright light on the road directly in front of the bike. This headlight’s advanced technology delivers optimized lighting in both low- and high-beam operation. This headlight’s high-beam performance is superior to that of a standard headlight, projecting light a greater distance in front of the bike.

  • Lumens at Low Beam: 628-793, Lumens at High Beam: 1213-1316 (varies with lean angle)
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