Indian Motorcycle Thunderstroke® Stage 1 Performance Air Intake, Chrome | 2881779-156

Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle Thunderstroke® Stage 1 Performance Air Intake, Chrome | 2881779-156

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SKU: 2881779-156

SKU: 2881779-156

3% increase in Horsepower. The key to making power with any engine is abundant air and fuel flow into the combustion chamber. Swapping your stock air filter for this Stage 1 High-Performance Air Cleaner is a great way to create more power and improve acceleration. This waterproof Stage 1 Performance Air Cleaner is designed with non-woven media to improve power through better flow, and provides high-efficiency cleaning to protect your engine from damaging dirt and debris. The synthetic filtration media operates at a high-filtration efficiency and conveniently requires no filter re-washing like other paper-based or washable filtration systems. The muscle car-inspired design increases the volumetric efficiency and creates a ram air effect, which increases engine power as you increase the speed of the motorcycle. Variable-length fins inside the intake tract are tuned to optimize and smooth the airflow inside the housing. The steel cover provides the same legroom as stock. Adding the final bit of style is the iconic Indian® script logo embossed across the face of the housing cover. 

 This complete kit conveniently includes the required Calibration Code that upgrades the Engine Control Module (ECM) software from stock to Stage 1, allowing this kit to be properly installed by your dealer. No additional software purchase necessary.  Each kit is designated with a warning triangle to indicate the restrictions that may apply. Click on the link below to review potential regulatory penalties for inappropriate installations of this item.

  • One Thunderstroke® Stage One Performance Air Intake
  • 3% increase in horsepower over stock
  • Ram air intake with internal channels for a smoother delivery
  • Non-woven, synthetic filtration media for high-filtration efficiency without re-washing
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