New 2022 Kayo TT 140

New 2022 Kayo TT 140

Sale price$1,999.00
SKU: N1002924

Model Name: TT 140

Model Year: 2022.0

Model Type: Motorcycle / Scooter

Model Color: WHITE

Model Miles: 1

Condition: New

Location: Young Powersports Idaho

2022 Kayo TT 140

Our biggest, most powerful model is the TT 140. A 4-speed manual will have you ready for the gate drop and large disc brakes stop on a dime and give you 9 cents change. Inverted forks and a beefy shock soak up the terrain with ease. 17 and 14 inch wheels, a seat height of 33.6 inches and weigh is just 161 pounds.