New 2023 CFMoto Papio
New 2023 CFMoto Papio

New 2023 CFMoto Papio

Sale price$2,500.00
SKU: P6000417

Model Name: Papio

Model Year: 2023.0

Model Type: Motorcycle / Scooter

Model Color: GALAXY GREY

Condition: New

Location: Young Powersports Layton


2023 CFMoto Papio

The stylish Papio is a special breed of motorcycle designed for, well, everyone. And it’s affordable, so you can easily spring for a his and hers. The single-cylinder, air-cooled engine needs only 126cc to whisk you into a whole new world of fun. On top of that, it’s practical and easy to maintain. Just put in a little gas and ride. This little beauty turns your basic, garden-variety errand into a great escape. People will stare. Many will smile. Some will even wave. The rest will wonder why they don’t have a couple of Papios in their garage.

Features may include:

The Papio features the only air-cooled engine in the lineup. At 126cc, it is lightweight, simple, and extremely reliable. Paired with a 6-speed transmission, the fun kicks off with the simple flick of the wrist. Premium components include a telescopic front suspension with 109mm of travel. The rear monoshock gives you 5-click preload adjustability. When the subject is stopping, the Papio has plenty going for it. Braking is effortless. Up front, the two-piston floating caliper grabs hold of a 210mm disc. In the rear, a single-piston floating caliper pairs up nicely with a 190mm disc.

  • Loaded with Extras

A digital LCD display and LED lights add to the list of features that make the Papio one of the best-equipped and lowest-priced mini bikes on the market.

  • Great Riding Stability

Benefitted from large disc brakes (210mm) and a top-tier suspension system, the bike’s front, and rear shock absorbers react sensitively to road conditions.

  • Advanced Safety

Compared to older models, the Papio’s newly developed tires add width, which provides advanced grip and driving stability for ultimate safety and fun.

  • New Generation Single-Cylinder Air-Cooled Engine

With a completely upgraded 126cc engine and fine-tuned Bosch® EFI system, the new Papio boasts maximum torque at lower engine rpm. This lightweight air-cooled single-cylinder engine wins the most efficient in-town commuter award with its quick, simple, and reliable design.

  • Euro Styling

It’s your city runabout. It’s your daily commuter. And with its modern Euro design, you’re sure to arrive in style wherever you go.

  • Disc Brakes

Disc brakes bring the Papio to a rapid, controlled stop. Chalk it up to the large front rotor sporting a two-piston floating caliper and the rear disc with its single piston floating caliper.

  • Suspension

Small means fun, nimble, and easy to ride. A well-designed frame and great suspension help. Check out the telescopic front fork with 109mm of travel and the 5-click preload adjustable monoshock.

  • 6-Speed Transmission

Power is fed to the rear wheel via a fun-to-shift six-speed tranny. It’s ideal for the city commuter who wants to zip around without any fuss.