New 2024 GASGAS MC-E 5
New 2024 GASGAS MC-E 5
New 2024 GASGAS MC-E 5
New 2024 GASGAS MC-E 5
New 2024 GASGAS MC-E 5
New 2024 GASGAS MC-E 5
New 2024 GASGAS MC-E 5
New 2024 GASGAS MC-E 5

New 2024 GASGAS MC-E 5

Sale price$5,299.00
SKU: RM077913

Model Name: MC-E 5

Model Year: 2024.0

Model Type: Motorcycle / Scooter

Model Color: RED

Model Miles: 1

Condition: New

Location: Young Powersports XL

2024 GASGAS MC-E 5

Dirt bikes for the youngest of mini shredders don't get much better than the GASGAS MC-E 5! Ideal to learn on, yet equally as capable when it comes to racing, this miniature red rocket does it all. With an easily adjustable seat height and no less than six ride modes to really customise the power delivery, it can be fine tuned and personalised as any junior racer grows in size and confidence. Powered by a modern lithium ion battery, which is housed inside a robust die-cast case, the MC-E 5 offers up to two hours of uninterrupted riding time and needs just over an hour to fully recharge. Built with quality parts just like its bigger brothers, the MC-E 5 is finished with an all red, classic GASGAS look.

Features may include:


The flat seat profile on the MC-E 5 encourages youngsters to quickly learn the fundamentals of sitting and standing correctly with the sleek bodywork allowing for completely unrestricted movement on the bike. With a cool, all-red look, obviously!


Wrapped around the 5kW motor is a super tough chromoly steel frame. Giving youngsters all-important stability, ease of handling and precise cornering, our engineers have designed each frame to deliver just the right amount of flex and stiffness.


Smooth and powerful, the 5kW motor is super compact and the perfect fit for our smaller chassis. Air-cooled, dust and water resistant it’s also wear and maintenance-free. The integrated control unit (ECU) guarantees a direct, but very controllable power delivery.


Mistakes happen while learning to ride, which is all part of the fun! This is why the MC-E 5 has a roll-over sensor that stops the motor if the bike hits the deck. There's also a lanyard attached to the rider's wrist and in the event of a fall, this stops the motor. A final layer of security is the dongle located under the seat. This little device overrides the Control Center and saves the selected ride mode, which prevents excitable youngsters from changing to a more powerful setting before they're ready for it.