Polaris Air Filter | 7082265

By Polaris

SKU: 7082265

Critical to engine performance and reliability. A clogged air filter can restrict air flow to the engine leading to reduced engine performance. Dirt and debris ingestion can damage the engine leading to reduced engine life or catastrophic failure. Polaris recommends changing your air filter at the specified intervals outlined in the owner’s manual, which may be shorter if your vehicle is subject to severe conditions. All service parts are engineered specifically for your machine. Which means everything is designed, tested and perfected to maximize the life of your ride. Getting Polaris Engineered parts is a decision that pays off in the long run, because it ensures there is a long run.

  • [MAXIMIZE PERFORMANCE] Air Filter Part, 7082265 is engineered specifically for your Polaris vehicle to deliver unmatched filtration and allow your engine to breathe deep for maximum horsepower and performance.
  • [PERFECT FIT] At Polaris, we offer a full range of replacement air filters that fit every vehicle we've ever made. These engine air filters are designed and validated by the very same engineers that designed the engine they are fitted to.
  • [WHY CHOOSE POLARIS ENGINEERED AIR FILTERS] Both in the lab and in the outdoors, we put our products to the test so you can ride with 100% confidence. Over 100,000 miles of field testing ensures ideal performance and long-term engine protection.
  • [QUICK AND EASY MAINTENANCE] Vehicle air filter maintenance is often overlooked, but it shouldn't be. Changing your ATV or UTV air filter is one of the easiest, quickest, and most economical forms of vehicle maintenance.
  • [REPLACEMENT PERIOD] Polaris recommends changing your UTV or ATV air filter at the specified intervals outlined in the owner’s manual. Please refer to your manual for specific Polaris air filter replacement times.

Please text us to verify fitment to your vehicle before ordering.