Polaris Brake Pads | 1913735


Polaris Brake Pads | 1913735

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SKU: 1913735

SKU: 1913735

Brake Pads, Part 1913735 is a brake pad kit. The brake pad is the part that rubs against brake disc. It is designed and tested by Polaris engineers to ensure durability and performance through thousands of field test miles and an entire array of vehicle level brake system tests. We've been a leader in the powersport industry for nearly 70 years, don't settle for anything less than OEM quality.

  • Polaris engineered and tested for the best quality and exact fit for your specific model
  • Formulated for high-performance stopping power and offer great high mileage performance
  • Great overall performance for every riding condition imagined  

Please text us to verify fitment to your vehicle before ordering.