Polaris Glacier Pro HD Push Frame | 2880260


Polaris Glacier Pro HD Push Frame | 2880260

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SKU: 2880260

SKU: 2880260

This heavy-duty frame holds a plow blade (sold separately) and connects to the Glacier Pro Plow System mounting plate (sold separately). When it's time to plow, this frame locks into the mount plate that's on the vehicle. When the job is completed, remove this frame from the mount plate and the frame and plow blade can be stored until the next time there's plowing to be done.

  • One (1) Mid-Size Glacier Pro HD Push Frame
  • Heavy-duty frame securely holds plow blade (sold separately) and attaches to the Glacier PRO Plow System mount (sold separately) installed on the undercarriage
  • Frame is engineered & built to withstand the rigors of big plowing jobs, season after season
  • Frame attaches quickly & easily to mount plate on vehicle

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