Polaris HD 4,500 lb. Winch | 2881667


Polaris HD 4,500 lb. Winch | 2881667

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SKU: 2881667

SKU: 2881667

A Polaris HD winch is the perfect solution for large acreage homeowners, farmer and ranchers looking to get more work done with less effort. From removing downed trees and stretching fence to plowing snow and performing a host of other work-related tasks, nothing is more powerful or more convenient. Choose the pulling power that best suits your needs and put your RANGER to work.

  • One (1) Polaris HD 4,500 lb. Winch
  • Tackles projects of all sizes with reliable pulling power
  • 4,500 lb. of pulling power
Steel Cable
Ease Of Installation

Please verify fitment to your vehicle before ordering.