Polaris Heater Kit | 2885082


Polaris Heater Kit | 2885082

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SKU: 2885082

SKU: 2885082

Get the climate-controlled temperature you want with the Heater Kit. Avoid hazardous windshield conditions such as frost or condensation by utilizing multiple air ducts positioned below the windshield. Or, keep comfortably warm with the heat generated from the engine. Three different fan speeds keep air flowing throughout the cab, in any season, and all vents can be manually opened or closed to direct airflow to the places that need it. The control switch is conveniently located on the dash for quick access.

  • Includes one (1) Heater Kit
  • Climate control for the cab of your off-road vehicle
  • Total of 4 dash-mounted vents with two positioned for defrosting the windshield and the other two for heating the cab
  • Simple, dash-mounted controls
  • Manually operated vents for airflow control
  • Required Sold Separately: pulse bar

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