Polaris Pro HD 4,500 LB Winch | 2884836

By Polaris

SKU: 2884836

The Polaris Pro HD 4,500 LB Winch is the perfect marriage between robust pulling power and time saving technology. With Rapid Rope Recovery, you'll be able to retrieve your cable five times faster than a standard HD winch and the included wireless remote control gives you flexibility to operate the winch within a 50 FT range of your vehicle. The winch features three settings: free spool to attach the winch hook, pull for winch mode and Rapid Rope Recovery for faster re-spooling. Integrated Auto Stop Technology stops the winch automatically when the collar touches the fairlead, saving time and preventing over-spooling.

  • Includes one (1) Polaris Pro HD 4,500 LB Winch
  • Reliable pulling power with a 1.6 HP motor and 4,500 LBS of pulling capacity
  • Wired toggle switch in the dash
  • 50 FT synthetic rope
  • Mounts near the front fascia with a styled aluminum cover
  • Includes a wireless remote and Rapid Rope Recovery
Product Dimensions
50 ft. Synthetic Line
Weight Capacity
4500 lbs. Pulling Capacity

Please text us to verify fitment to your vehicle before ordering.