Polaris Pulse™ Wiring Harness - Crew Extension | 2883231

By Polaris

SKU: 2883231

This Wiring Harness extension is optimized to work with Polaris Pulse accessories and is needed to install electrical components on your side-by-side Crew using the roof-mounted busbar harness. Perfectly fit to your vehicle, wires are cut to the precise length for your vehicle to minimize slack.

  • One (1) Polaris Pulse Wiring Harness - Crew Extension
  • Allows for installation of electrical components to UTV Crew using roof-mounted busbar harness
  • Snug fit, wires cut to precise length to minimize slack
  • A Polaris Pulse Ready accessory
Other Specifications
Polaris Pulse™ is a revolutionary way to provide additional power locations on your RANGER® XP 1000 and Pro XD Full-Size, and makes adding electrical accessories a snap.
RANGER® XP 1000 and Pro XD Full-Size models come stock with Polaris Pulse™ Electrical System under the hood.

Please text us to verify fitment to your vehicle before ordering.