New 2023 CFMoto 650NK
New 2023 CFMoto 650NK
New 2023 CFMoto 650NK
New 2023 CFMoto 650NK
New 2023 CFMoto 650NK
New 2023 CFMoto 650NK
New 2023 CFMoto 650NK
New 2023 CFMoto 650NK
New 2023 CFMoto 650NK
New 2023 CFMoto 650NK
New 2023 CFMoto 650NK
New 2023 CFMoto 650NK
New 2023 CFMoto 650NK
New 2023 CFMoto 650NK

New 2023 CFMoto 650NK

Sale price$5,499.00
SKU: P6000180

Model Name: 650NK

Model Year: 2023.0

Model Type: Motorcycle / Scooter

Model Miles: 1

Condition: New

Location: Young Powersports Ogden

Need something that will standout amongst your friends? You’ve found it in the 650 NK! Not only does it has eye popping color it also has the power you need to keep up on any road you travel!
Accessories, manufacturer fees, and dealer fees are not included in the price.

The 650NK gives you everything you're looking for in a midsize motorcycle—modern styling, great comfort, and refined performance. This motorcycle is a pleasure to ride all day long. The meticulously engineered 649cc parallel twin keeps giving. And thanks to the sport-tuned suspension, you can keep taking all the curves you want. With this motorcycle it's time to take your riding ability to a new level.


TFT Display: The 650NK features a large, 5-inch TFT display. Bright sunshine? You'll have no issues with glare. Overcast skies? Screen brightness adjusts automatically. The full-color LCD instrument display delivers at-a-glance information, including rpm, gear, speed, even phone connectivity. Two interfaces differentiate your riding modes.

Pirelli Tires: The Pirelli Angel GT was chosen for its excellent feel, high degree of stability, and excellent wear characteristics. What's more, it performs superbly in cold and wet conditions. This is your racetrack-capable sport touring tire perfectly capable on any paved road you have in mind.

CF-SC Slipper Clutch: Downshift as you enter a corner. Upshift, and accelerate as you exit. The slipper clutch makes the transition seamless. When downshifting from higher speeds, the slipper clutch reduces engine braking force. Engine speed quickly matches motorcycle speed—no need to worry about rear wheel hop.

Engine: Power is central to your riding experience. And 60 horsepower makes the 650NK the middleweight champion. The 649cc parallel twin is a DOHC, 4-valve per cylinder design. Liquid cooling keeps engine temperatures where they should for optimal performance.

BOSCH EFI System: BOSCH is one of the world's most respected names in electronic fuel injection. The BOSCH EFI system chosen for the 650NK contributes to effortless riding. Enjoy quick starts at lower temperatures, instant throttle response, lower emissions, and excellent fuel consumption.

Semi-Dry Sump: The semi-dry sump provides the bike with continuous lubrication. The engine is never starved of oil at those critical times when lubrication is so critical. At 8750 rpm, your engine will be screaming with joy, not pain.

LED Lights: See and be seen. You're not just lighting the road. You're a beacon of light for others to see. The bike's LED headlights provide optimum visibility and a clean aesthetic.

KYB Suspension Components: If you're keen on leaning into corners, you'll be happy to hear about this suspension. We paired a KYB telescopic fork with a KYB rear monoshock for performance that's highly responsive to rider input.

J.Juan Brake System: Great brakes make you a better rider and inspire more confidence. That's why we chose these binders from J.Juan for the 650NK. Up front you get a pair of 300mm discs, each with a 2-piston caliper. The rear is a 240mm disc sporting a beefy single-caliper piston.

Continental ABS: The anti-lock braking system is one of the most important safety features of your motorcycle. ABS prevents the front and rear wheels from locking up. In the event of sudden braking, dual channel ABS by Continental minimizes the risk of a skid which could cause loss of control.


Engine Type: 2-cylinder inline, liquid-cooled, DOHC
Displacement: 649cc
Bore x Stroke: 83mm × 60 mm (3.25 in. x 2.3 in.)
Power: 45.0 kW / 60 hp @ 8,750 rpm
Torque: 56 N-m / 41.3 ft-lb @ 7,000 rpm
Transmission: 6-speed, wet, multi-plate, CF-SC slipper clutch
Fuel System: Bosch® EFI


Length x Width x Height: 83 x 32 x 39 in. (2,114 × 750 × 1,100 mm)
Wheelbase: 56.1 in. (1,425 mm)
Seat Height: 30.7 in. (780 mm)
Fuel Capacity: 4.5 gal. (17 L)
Curb Weight: 454 lb. (206 kg)