New 2024 Polaris® Sportsman 570 Trail


At the heart of the Sportsman 570 is a robust 570cc ProStar engine, delivering impressive power and torque to conquer even the most challenging trails. Whether you're navigating rocky inclines or cruising through mud pits, this ATV offers the muscle needed to push boundaries and exceed expectations.

Accessories, manufacturer fees, and dealer fees are not included in the price.

2024 Polaris® Sportsman 570 Trail


Delivering performance, reliability, and legendary ride and handling for added comfort from task to trail.

Features may include:


Relentless, job-ready features for the daily grind.

  • 44 Horsepower

Even more power so you can work harder and let it rip on the trail.

  • Upgraded Clutch Sealing

Take on more trails with confidence with improved clutch airflow to help keep water out.

  • Improved Fit And Finish

New shifter close-off and better seat fitment providing overall improved showroom appeal.


Legendary Sportsman suspension delivers the smoothest ride to absorb bumps of all sizes.


Independent rear suspension delivers more traction and helps you ride over even bigger obstacles.

  • On-Demand AWD

Polaris On-Demand AWD delivers instant power when the slightest wheel spin is detected.

  • Best Clearance

Equipped with 11.5" of ground clearance to help you travel smoothly over rough terrain.

  • Plush Travel

Enjoy a smooth ride on the trail with 9.5" of rear travel.

  • On-Demand All-Wheel Drive
  • 11.5" Ground Clearance
  • Factory-Installed Hitch Receiver
  • 1,350 Lb. Towing Capacity
  • Combined 270 Lb. Front & Rear Rack Capacity
  • 44 HP Engine
  • 8.2"/9.5" Front/Rear Suspension Travel
  • 26" Duro Tires & 14" Aluminum Wheels
  • High Output LED Pod & Headlights
  • Front & Rear CV Guards
  • Automotive Style Paint with Custom Graphics Package
  • Active Descent Control (ADC)
  • Engine Braking System (EBS)
  • Underseat Storage Bag
  • Multi-Select Electronic Power Steering (EPS)
  • Front Trail Bumper
  • 2,500 Lb. Polaris HD Winch
  • RIDE COMMAND+ with Accessory Purchase